Gardening Tips for winter weather

Take care of your garden this winter with some top tips from TV presenter and Garden enthusiast David Domoney. You can see David in the Freedom to Go Theatre on Friday 22 February.



Heavy rain can wreak havoc on delicate plants and erode the surrounding soil. Use a tarpaulin, tied above the plants and slanted at an angle to protect from strong rains and assist with drainage.


To prevent frost damage, remove any container plants from the ground, apply mulch to beds and borders and wrap any particularly vulnerable plants in frost fleece.


Protecting against strong wind in the garden can be as easy as erecting an artificial windbreak, like fencing or trellis, or planting a natural screen, such as a hedges, trees or hardy shrubs.

Fluctuating Temperature

Weather damage caused by fluctuating temperatures can cause brown leaves, wilting and leaf drop. Choose plants based on the weather they are likely to be exposed to and prune out any damage afterwards to keep your plant healthy.


While perennial plants may benefit from snowfall, evergreens are likely to suffer, due to the weight of snow on foliage. After snow has fallen, gently brush or knock snow from the foliage to prevent breakages when the thaw begins.

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